Time-lapse Seoul, Korea 2014 – Splendid Korea (서울 타임랩스 2014)

Its been a while since my last blog, well it had a reason and here I am giving it to you, please consider that this was my first Timelapse, and made within a short period of time. There are a loot more to show of Seoul, Korea. And on future I will try to do a bigger project coving a lot more spectacular spots of Seoul. For now please enjoy Seoul Time-Lapse.


After finishing daily lab and class work, Shuvra Mondal have tried to make his first Time-Lapse video of Seoul, covering around 15 destination in Seoul and Incheon (Songdo) in about one month and with 5000 photographs.
This is how I would like to Introduce and show Korea to the world, which is dynamic and energetic. You don’t need to look too far for things to do in Korea there is always something going on that will make you fall in love with it.

Seoul, Korea
Songdo, Incheon

Voodoo Chile-Jimi Hendrix / Gayageum ver. by Luna
*I like rock music and Gayageum is a Korean traditional music Instrument and I loved this cover!

PHOTOGRAPHER and EDITOR: Shuvra Mondal (https://www.facebook.com/shuvramondalphoto?ref=hl)

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Seoul Bridge Series: Mapo Bridge “Bridge of Life” (마포대교)

My “Bridges over Han River” in Seoul series continues with another extra ordinary bridge, Mapo bridge, In Korean (마포대교). Now this is one is extra-ordinary not just because it has a extreme eye catching structure, also this bridge is known as “Bridge of Life” A.K.A “Suicide bridge”. You can find many article written about this bridge on this issue.

According to KTO – Mapo Bridge connects Yonggang-dong, Mapo-gu and Yeouido-dong (Yeongdeungpo-gu) and is 1,400m long and 25m wide (6-lane road). The construction of the bridge first started in February of 1968 and was completed in May of 1970. At the time of its completion the bridge was named “Seoul Bridge,” which was later changed to “Mapo Bridge” in 1984. The bridge was the fourth bridge to be built over the Hangang River following the construction of Hannam Bridge.

This bridge is spectacular from above, for its famous scissors shape so I shot this one from a roof top of nearby apartment. I loved the sunset over there, and definitely will be back again. Hope you enjoy the Pictures.

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Seoul_Korea_han_River_Mapo_Bridge_Sunset_1 Seoul_Korea_han_River_Mapo_Bridge_Sunset_2 Seoul_Korea_han_River_Mapo_Bridge_Sunset Korea_Seoul_63_Building_Han_River_Sunset

Bonus View of 63 Building, from the roof.


GASTECH 2014 – Event, Exhibition & Conference Photographer Korea

GASTECH 2014 @KINTEX, KOREA: This was one of the finest exhibition/trade-fair photography opportunity. I have covered a international conference 41th Gastech 2014, for SHELL who are the diamond sponsor for the conference. I have covered the whole event for Shell as the official Shell Photographer. Staring from Keynote of the Present Leaders of Gas Industries, All the presentation made by Shell Corporates, Including launching of world largest FLNG, Signing event, Booth, Cube and Cube visitors Including Ministers of Korea and Abu-Dhabi, CEO-Samsung, Photographing Booths by other Leading Companies etc.Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-1 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-2 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-3 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-4 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-5 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-8 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-9 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-10 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-11 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-12 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-13 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-14 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-15 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-16 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-17 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-18 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-19 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-20 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-21 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-22 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-23 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-24 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-26 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-27 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-28 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-29 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-30 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-31 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-33 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-35 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-36 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-37 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-38 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-39 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-40 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-41 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-42 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-43 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-44 Shell_Gastech2014_Korea_Seoul-45

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Being an Adoption Photographer- Holt Seoul,Korea

Since the day I got to shoot my first Adoption Photography Job, In Holt Children Centre Seoul I wanted to share my experience and feelings about this shoot so much but rules are rules, now when they are all safe back at home finally I can share it. I was well aware by Holt Children service all over the world and all their good works helping children to find a nice home but until they day I received an email from a lovely couple “L” who offered me to shoot their first meeting with there lovely daughter “s” in Seoul, as they were coming from US the emails and discussion were clear and simple also I had less than one week to research about the shooting. As I googled I saw well known Photographers from Seoul who are doing this  already and was inspired to shoot more now.

Now the day, I meet this wonderful Couple “L” in Holt office who are adopting there 2nd child today, who will be the princess of their house and also good sister to their son back at US. There were other families waiting for there children after a quick brief as well. The moment children enter the room the whole environment just changed. It was so emotional and happy at the same time something really hard to describe. Baby “S” got busy to play with toys while parents seeing their daughter for the first time struck them with a big smile and emotion. The moment was magical for them.

Now there were 5 families meeting there children at the same time everyone is busy shooting, playing, talking trying to get as close as possible, as a photographer its a real challenge to get all the moments as babies are not ready to stay in the same place and  chasing them while not disturbing others to work with their own client. But there is the fun of being a photographer and get the job done in all situation.

Was a great experience for me seeing and shooting “S” met her Mom and Dad, The moment was magical for L** mom & dad, while their daughter was busy playing and getting ready for her new home to join her brother. I will look forward to do such wonderful shoot in future as well. Seoul Family Photographer.

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Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-12 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-13 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-14 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-15 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-16 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-17 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-18 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-19 Holt_Seoul_Korea_Adoption_Photographer-20 Holt_Seoul_Pete_7-1 Holt_Seoul_Pete_7-2 Holt_Seoul_Pete_7-4 Holt_Seoul_Pete_7-6 Holt_Seoul_Pete_9-1

Hangang Landmark – Some Sevit(세빛섬)

Rebranded Some Sevit by the Hyosung Group, which now operate them, the artificial islands that have stood—or floated, in this case—conspicuously empty almost continuously since they were completed in 2011 have been transformed into Seoul’s newest culture and leisure destination, a waterborne palace of art, entertainment and fine dining. Appearances in the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and the US reality program “America’s Next Top Model” have also drawn considerable public attention on the landmark. And with the renovation scheduled for completion in September, the fun has only just begun.
– From article written by “Robert Koehler” Editor of Seoul Selection and the most influential media person among expats in Korea. 

The Some Sevit (세빛섬), Islands Sevit, or Floating Islands are artificial islands in the Han River, Seoul, South Korea.It was built in 2006 but was rebranded in 2011. It has 3 islands: Some Gavit, Chavit, and Solvit. I went there to Banpo Hangang park to photograph, with a fear in mind that the Island can be dark , but fortunately the Islands were lighted up and I manage to get some nice shots as well. In fact I liked some of the shots soo much that I have decided to share with the world. Many thanks to Korea Tourism Organization who shared two of my photos;

Enjoy the pictures and if you have time before its gets really cold visit this amazing full of life place.

Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan_5 Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan_4 Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan_3 Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan_6 Seoul_Korea_Some_Sevit_1 Seoul_Korea_Some_Sevit Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan_7 Seoul_Korea_banpo-1 Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan_1 Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan Seoul_Korea_Banpo_Cafe_Hangan_2Getting There: Take Line 3, 7 or 9 and get off at Express Bus Terminal Station 고속터미널역, Exit 8-1. Follow the signs to Hangang Banpo Park

World’s Longest Fountain Bridge- Banpo Bridge (반포대교)

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분) is a very popular name in Seoul, Korea or even enthusiasts around the world who knows a little about kDrama! It is well deserved because, Banpo bridge is worlds longest bridge fountain. The rainbow fountain show with music for 15 mins attracts a loot of people beneath it. The fountain is programmed to play different shows during the day and night. During the day, the fountain shows a hundred different configurations meant to evoke waving willow branches and willow leaves. When the sun goes down, 200 lights illuminate the fountain as it sends up dancing, rainbow-colored jets of water in the air in synchronization with music.

Han River is heaven for seoul citizens apart from the freezing winter because it offers a lot to be honest. Hangang Park is composed of Gwangnaru, Jamsil, Ttukseom, Jamwon, Banpo, Ichon, Yeouido, Yanghwa, Mangwon, Seonyudo, Nanji, and Gangseojigu – a total of 12 districts. Each park has its unique characteristics that fit the district, and especially Yeouido, Jamsil, and Ttukseom districts are very popular because of the ferry cruise services on Hangang River. Banpo Hangang park is one of the major of them, and the main attraction is Banpo Bridge Fountain show, apart from a free open air movie theater, Amazing floating island ( Soon I will write about them 🙂 ) and of course delivery of chicken and pizza and beer right where you are sitting and enjoying your evening with your beloved ones.

Operating Hours
April-October (Duration: 15min)
* Weekdays: 12:00, 20:00, 21:00
* Weekends: 12:00, 17:00, 19:30 (July & August only), 20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30

This schedule is usually followed if the weather is not too and wind is not too hard. If you go on a nice fresh day defiantly you will be able to enjoy the fountain.

Sharing some pictures I took during my last visit, please enjoy.

© 2014 Shuvra Mondal


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Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-1 Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-2 Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-3 Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-4 Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-5 Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-6 Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-7 Korea_Seoul_Banpo_Bridge-8 Seoul_Korea_Banpo_1-1 Seoul_Korea_Banpo_2-1

Seongsu Bridge (성수대교) Seoul, Korea

My quest for bridges over Han River goes on with another beautiful bridge – Seongsu Bridge (성수대교). Now I have planned to covered all the large and famous Bridges of Han River but I really have doubt about this because in every case I have to face some difficulties. Either weather (rain) or The Lights of the bridge was the issue that even to shoot this bridge I had to go twice. Now this bridge is very famous for its structure,The cantilever bridge was completed in 1979 and its total length is 1160 m which is connecting Seongsu-dong and Apgujeong-dong of Gangnam-gu, Seoul. So Very important bridge caring a lot of people everyday and of-course unlike any other Han Gang park, its very relaxing and perfect for jogging, Biking or just walking just along Han river enjoying a amazing night view of Seongsu Bridge.

There is another reason for this bridge being famous and thats a sad side. Around 07:40 hours on October 21, 1994, Seongsu Bridge connecting Seongsu-dong and Apgujeong-dong of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, collapsed. The slab (48 m) between the fifth and the sixth leg of the Bridge collapsed so 32 people died and 17 people were injured while they were on the way to office or school. But it regained its dignity and now standing steel with pride.

Sharing the pictures, and hopefully soon will show you another beautiful bridge of Han River. Thanks.Seongsu_Bridge_Seoul_Korea_Night_1 Seongsu_Bridge_Seoul_Korea_Night_2 Seongsu_Bridge_Seoul_Korea_Night_3 Seongsu_Bridge_Seoul_Korea_Night_4 Seongsu_Bridge_Seoul_Korea_Night_5 Seongsu_Bridge_Seoul_Korea_Night_6 Seongsu_Bridge_Seoul_Korea_Night Seoul_Korea_Sunset_Seongsu_Bride_Hanriver_1 Seoul_Korea_Sunset_Seongsu_Bride_Hanriver

Banghwa Bridge (방화대교), Seoul, Korea

After two failed attempts to photograph two of Seoul’s most popular bridges, yesterday I was lucky enough to get the rare lights of Banghwa Bridge, that only turns on during special occasions. Well I was also lucky to find the right spot, thanks to a great photographer I meet who has all the exclusive shots of Seoul. Still it was not that easy, Subway, walk, finding the trail, overpassing secure area! and last but not least 1000 bites of those wild mosquitos didn’t let me stay more than 10 minutes to shoot. Shots are not that amazing, still would love to share my experience with you. Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge__2 Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge__3 Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge__Wide Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge_1 Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge

Last Day of Summer in “Garden Of Morning Calm” (아침고요수목원)

Last weekend our visit to Petite France was successful and the beauty of the place helped to forget our 2.30 hours journey by bus while pushing the traffic all the time. In fact we liked the place Gyeonggi-do,Gapyeong-gun so much that we could not wait to go back to green mountains once again this weekend. But with our new strategy to avoid traffic 1. we picked sunday (also last day of Summer & vacation) 2. Leave early! and we got on the bus right on time from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. In less then an hour we it made to Cheongpyeong! Well it was a good thing, but the sun was high in the sky and I barely got any sky included in the shots!

From Cheongpyeong bus terminal we took the bus for Garden of Morning Calm for 30 mins and we have finally seen the most beautiful Garden/park in Korea. May be because of the location, may be because of the green mountain surrounding the whole place it really seemed like a picture, a fairly tale. The Garden of Morning Calm is located in the mountains of Chungnyeong-san in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi Province. The landscape of the privately owned garden was planned by a professor of floriculture and looks like a picture out of a fairytale. In 1996 it was voted as one of the top 50 tourist attractions of Korea by CNN. The 8.5-acre (35, 000 sq. m.) garden was planned in detail to cater to over 5, 000 species of plants and flowers that are grown locally in the Chungnyeong-san mountains as well as experimental plants and flowers, preserved rare plants, and introduction plants. All the plants and flowers form over 20 different gardens with different themes that lead to various hiking trails.

Now the Garden has its own look in different season and month during the whole year, I have seen and showing you a summer view but in autumn the colors of this place will drag me there for sure and also in winter specially for lighting festival garden is expecting a lot of visitors. The Garden is equipped with Korea Restaurant, Coffee shop, Convenient store etc.


* Spring: Spring Garden Festival
* Summer: Festival of Roses, Hydrangea and Roses of Sharon
* Autumn: Festival of Chrysanthemums and Autumnal Tints
* Winter: Lighting Festival

Admission fee:

Adults: 9000won ($9)

Children: 6000won ($6)


From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Sangbong Bus Terminal. Take an intercity bus to Cheongpyeong (청평).From Cheongpyeong  Bus Terminal, take a local bus bound for Garden of Morning Calm. (The Bus has specific times to start) Taxi will cost you 16000won to 18000won($16~$18).Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-12 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-13 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-14 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-15 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-16 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-17 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-18 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-19 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-2 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-1 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-9 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-10 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-11 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-5 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-6 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-7 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-8 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-20 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-21 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-22 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-23 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-3 Seoul_Korea_Garden_of_morning_calm-4