Seoul Bridge Series: Mapo Bridge “Bridge of Life” (마포대교)

My “Bridges over Han River” in Seoul series continues with another extra ordinary bridge, Mapo bridge, In Korean (마포대교). Now this is one is extra-ordinary not just because it has a extreme eye catching structure, also this bridge is known as “Bridge of Life” A.K.A “Suicide bridge”. You can find many article written about this bridge on this issue.

According to KTO – Mapo Bridge connects Yonggang-dong, Mapo-gu and Yeouido-dong (Yeongdeungpo-gu) and is 1,400m long and 25m wide (6-lane road). The construction of the bridge first started in February of 1968 and was completed in May of 1970. At the time of its completion the bridge was named “Seoul Bridge,” which was later changed to “Mapo Bridge” in 1984. The bridge was the fourth bridge to be built over the Hangang River following the construction of Hannam Bridge.

This bridge is spectacular from above, for its famous scissors shape so I shot this one from a roof top of nearby apartment. I loved the sunset over there, and definitely will be back again. Hope you enjoy the Pictures.

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Seoul_Korea_han_River_Mapo_Bridge_Sunset_1 Seoul_Korea_han_River_Mapo_Bridge_Sunset_2 Seoul_Korea_han_River_Mapo_Bridge_Sunset Korea_Seoul_63_Building_Han_River_Sunset

Bonus View of 63 Building, from the roof.



Banghwa Bridge (방화대교), Seoul, Korea

After two failed attempts to photograph two of Seoul’s most popular bridges, yesterday I was lucky enough to get the rare lights of Banghwa Bridge, that only turns on during special occasions. Well I was also lucky to find the right spot, thanks to a great photographer I meet who has all the exclusive shots of Seoul. Still it was not that easy, Subway, walk, finding the trail, overpassing secure area! and last but not least 1000 bites of those wild mosquitos didn’t let me stay more than 10 minutes to shoot. Shots are not that amazing, still would love to share my experience with you. Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge__2 Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge__3 Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge__Wide Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge_1 Seoul_Korea_Banghwa_Bridge

Ttukseom- Cheongdam Bridge Seoul(뚝섬유원지)

If you are KDrama or Korean drama fan you already know that bridges in Seoul are breathtaking and  in reality they are!  There are 27 small and big bridges over Han river (Seoul, Incheon, Gyeongi-do) but 7 of them is considered a must to visit and that includes worlds largest fountain bridge (Banpo) etc. Ttukseom Bridge (뚝섬유원지) is definitely a major one and a must visit specially when the weather is nice and not cold. The crowed in weekends gives you a clear idea how popular the place is, specially for a nice evening with 치맥 (Fried chicken and Beer). Also a major attraction for bikers, photographer and people who loves to watch classic Korean Movies in a Big screen for free. This weekend from a photography group we went for a photo walk in Ttukseom Bridge (뚝섬유원지). Mostly Korean both senior and amateur photo enthusiastic got together and I arrived as the only foreigner there! lol. I was surprised to see the number of visitors there! for for photographing the place better not to choose weekend. To get there just get off  subway line no 7뚝섬유원지역(Ttukseom Resort Station) Exit 3.Seoul_Korea_Bridge (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_2 (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_3 (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_4 (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_5 (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_6 (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_7 (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_8 (1 of 1) Seoul_Korea_Bridge_9 (1 of 1)