Being an Adoption Photographer- Holt Seoul,Korea

Since the day I got to shoot my first Adoption Photography Job, In Holt Children Centre Seoul I wanted to share my experience and feelings about this shoot so much but rules are rules, now when they are all safe back at home finally I can share it. I was well aware by Holt Children service all over the world and all their good works helping children to find a nice home but until they day I received an email from a lovely couple “L” who offered me to shoot their first meeting with there lovely daughter “s” in Seoul, as they were coming from US the emails and discussion were clear and simple also I had less than one week to research about the shooting. As I googled I saw well known Photographers from Seoul who are doing this  already and was inspired to shoot more now.

Now the day, I meet this wonderful Couple “L” in Holt office who are adopting there 2nd child today, who will be the princess of their house and also good sister to their son back at US. There were other families waiting for there children after a quick brief as well. The moment children enter the room the whole environment just changed. It was so emotional and happy at the same time something really hard to describe. Baby “S” got busy to play with toys while parents seeing their daughter for the first time struck them with a big smile and emotion. The moment was magical for them.

Now there were 5 families meeting there children at the same time everyone is busy shooting, playing, talking trying to get as close as possible, as a photographer its a real challenge to get all the moments as babies are not ready to stay in the same place and  chasing them while not disturbing others to work with their own client. But there is the fun of being a photographer and get the job done in all situation.

Was a great experience for me seeing and shooting “S” met her Mom and Dad, The moment was magical for L** mom & dad, while their daughter was busy playing and getting ready for her new home to join her brother. I will look forward to do such wonderful shoot in future as well. Seoul Family Photographer.

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