I am Shuvra Mondal, a freelance photographer, who has been fascinated with Korea and tries to capture its beauty while travelling all over the country.

See my story Featured : A Korean Love Affair 


1. 41st Korea Tourism Photo Contest 2013- Honorary Mention

2. Photo Contest for foreigners 2014 organized by Yongsan-gu, Seoul- 2nd Place


1. American Gayageum (Year Magazine KTO)

2. EverydayKorea.com- A Night In the Palace

3. EverydayKorea.com-Festivals of Korea

4.VisitSeoul.com(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)

5.Seoulsync.com(Website, Facebook, Instagram)

6. PIK Magazine- Alone Boy (July 2014)

7.PIK Magazine-A View of Seoul(August 2014)


“American Gayageum”, KTO Head Office Seoul (November 2013)

“Rainbow Bridge” (2nd prize) & “Railway” 2 Photographs , Yongsan-Gu Office, Seoul (November 2014)

“Afterglow” & “Sunset over seongsu bridge” 2 photographs, Jeonbuk Art Gallery, Jeonju (November 2014)

Feel free to contact me with any question regarding both the photography and my experience.



Festivals of Korea- By Shuvra Mondal

A Night In the Palace- By Suvra Mondal


One of the charms of Korea is the countless number of Festivals and Cultural events, by attending which you receive incredible pleasure and satisfaction. Staying in Korea for already a year and a half, I managed to visit and capture quite a number of these Festivals, some of which appeared to bring me success, like 41st Korea Tourism Photo Contest in 2013, where my photo“American Gayageum”  received an honorary Mention and was exhibited in KTO headquarter, Seoul, South Korea.

My recent work was one of the remarkable of my carrier, when I got the chance to meet great leaders of corporate world today and photograph them. The opportunity came to me when on March 2014, Gastech 2014 was held in Ilsan, South Korea and I was the official Photographer for Shell, who were diamond sponsoring the most successful conference and exhibition on natural gas and LNG in its 42-years history. I covered the whole event for Shell during all four days of Gastech 2014.

In addition to photography, I enjoy writing articles. Thus I started writing amateur articles for everydaykorea.com to show people the world through my eyes and words.




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  1. dosirakbento April 28, 2014 / 6:48 pm

    I really like your pictures! Will go and read your articles as well.
    And thanks for following me, hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

    • Shuvra Mondal April 29, 2014 / 2:00 am

      Thank you so much. 🙂 Will read ur blog as well

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